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Home Delivery
to Topsham (Thursday 11am - 7pm)
to Exeter (Friday 11am - 7pm)

If you submit an order of 12 £ or more, and your postcode is EX1, EX2, EX3 or EX4, we will deliver your produce on the following Friday (if you live in Exeter) or Thursday (if you live in Topsham) directly to your home. 

If you won't be at home or if you prefer to avoid any direct interaction on delivery, please let us know of a safe place in the shade where you would like us to leave your box.

Thanks in advance for returning the previous week's box - reducing waste and reusing all packing materials is something we really value and it wouldn't be possible to do it without your support.

If your postcode is EX5 or EX6, we suggest that you email us to enquire about the possibility of delivering to your area or arranging a convenient pick-up point.

Pick up at the farm
Friday 5-5:30pm 

For smaller orders or if you live outside our delivery area, you are welcome to collect your vegetables directly from
Goffin Land, Church Hill, Exeter EX4 9JL.

More details on how to find us can be seen on our contact page. You will also receive detailed instructions

with your order confirmation.
Your vegetables will be harvested
Friday morning and will be ready to pick up at 5pm.

Friday collection are part of a wider experimental farmers market which we have recently started with some other local producers - who share our passion for regeneration and sustainable practices.

The inspiration for this market comes from
REKO (Finnish for "fair consumption"), a trade model based on pre-ordering local products directly from farmers and via a Facebook group.

This means that when you will be collecting your order from Goffin Land, you will have the opportunity to also buy organic raw milk, sourdough bread, homemade Italian pesto, pasta and cake, honey and more! 
The producers will be excited to tell you everything you want to know about the produce, their story and methods.
And if you wish to buy from them regularly, you will be invited to pre-order on
the Goffin REKO Facebook page.

If you have any questions,

please don't hesitate to contact us

at or 07873921397. 

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