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Welcome to OrtoForesta,
a Regenerative Market Garden in Florence, Italy.

We grow vegetables, fruit and biodiversity for our local community

PXL_20230818_174828278 (1).jpg

We apply farming methods aimed at regenerating soil health and nutrient density, including

biointensive, no-till and syntropic agroforestry.


To learn more about our methods, come to one of courses on: 

No-Dig Veg Gardening

Soil fertility
Regenerative Agroforestry

DIY biofertilisers

for both home gardeners and commercial growers


Most of our produce is sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme, as weekly seasonal vegetable boxes


Come find us at the farmers markets in Florence!


Our team is enriched by the help of a selected group of volunteers and seasonal interns.

Are you interested in joining us?


If you are interested in visiting our farm, take a look at this year's tour dates


You can also actively support our research, training, content creation and innovation

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