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Subscribe to our Weekly Veg Boxes

We run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a partnership between us (the growers) and you (the eater), in which you can support us by subscribing to a whole season's worth of weekly veg boxes. This allows us to plan in advance, in terms of crop production and soil regeneration. It is by far the most effective (and appreciated) way to support what we do and it has been recognised globally as one of the most radical ways to re-take control and ownership of our food systems.


Why should you become a CSA member?

Asa CSA member you will:

  • Secure a year's worth of our high quality, fresh, nutritious veg, harvested within hours of delivery or collection, meaning produce retains more nutritional value and stays fresher longer;

  • Be connected directly to us and support our regenerative m
    methods, aimed at improving the biodiversity and resilience of our landscape, as well as return ownership of our food system to our local community;

  • Be introduced to new varieties

  • Get our produce at the best price possible and with some extras throughout the year;

  • Whenever there is abundance of some crops we will gift you extra items, and whenever there is a limited amount of a specific vegetable, we will reserve it for you.

How does it work?

  • Choose an option:

Spring-Summer subscription (May-July)

12 weeks - 200€  - (16.50€/box)

Three-Season subscription (May-July & Sept-Dec)

30 weeks - 480€  -  (16€/box)


  • We prepare a weekly box, containing between 3 and 5kg (depending on seasonality and value) of vegetables from our garden

  •  You collect it from one of our collection points (listed below)


Collection Points

  • Directly from the farm
    OrtoForesta Società Agricola, Ponte dell'Asse, 50018, Scandicci [directions]

  • Circolo ARCI La Romola, Alaccia 1, 50026, Romola (FI) [directions]

  • Other collection points to be determined later in the season

What will you find in your Box?

Each box will contain between 3 and 5 kg of seasonal produce. The pictures below show some examples of the variety you may find in your box. Please notice that the quantity and diversity of each box will vary greatly throughout the season.

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