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How to grow your own Microgreens

How to grow your own Microgreens


This course is a how-to guide for growing microgreens at home, to have a constant supply of micro salad leaves all year round.  

Whether the only space you have available is a windowsill, a balcony, a greenhouse or a small garden, you can (and should!) grow your own micro-greens. We will focus on Sunflower shoots, Pea shoots, micro-Radish and micro-Broccoli.


In this course you’ll learn about:

  • Basic equipment – for indoor and outdoor production
  • Variety and seed choice
  • Growing methods - from sowing to harvesting

You will also have the opportunity to purchase a ready-to-go growing kit complete with enough seed for 1 month of micro-green salads and with all the equipment you will need to grow (with natural sunlight).

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