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Veg Box (Medium) - 33 weeks

Veg Box (Medium) - 33 weeks


Options depend on seasonality and availability. A typical box includes a selection of produce from the garden, plus potatoes from our friends at Shillingford Organics. It contains 8 items:

- Potatoes (1kg)

- Synergy Salad mix bag (120g) or Lettuce Head

- Onions (500g) or Salad Onions or Spring Onions (bunch)

- Cooking leaves (Kale, Chard, Spinach, Spring greens, Asian leaves, Stir-fry mix, etc.)

- 2 bunch of root vegetables (Radish, Turnip, Parsnips, Beetroot)

- 1 summer (Tomato, Courgette, Cucumber, Beans, etc.) or winter vegetable (Cabbage, Squash, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Leeks, etc.)

- 2 Surprise items!



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